Growing up with the odds totally stacked against him, Justin Rice was able to beat every obstacle he faced. Now he is changing the music industry, and for the better. Eventually taking on the name Stax, he’s far beyond just another rapper, but a truth teller that millions can relate to. Abandonment, prison, and hardships only set him up for the success he is walking into now. He’s a testament to what it means to never give up. His talents are a gift to anyone who listens.

His grandparents were the ones who raised him in Detroit’s rough environment. His mother was very young, and his father was nowhere to be found for many years. So they took him under their wings,but as a teen Stax and his grandparents packed up and left gritty intercity Detroit for the Alamo city San Antonio Texas.The majority of the people he was around were older, so he gained a lot of wisdom, and matured quickly. Stax also connected with music during this time. It was when he was 12 or 13 that he really found his passion. Even when he left it for the streets, he’d always make his way back to rhyming. One of Stax’s biggest regrets was not spending more time with his granddad; instead he ended up behind bars. Now he pours out all his emotions behind microphones. Raw, real, and totally relatable, he gives music his best.

He admires artists like Tupac, 50 Cent, and Young Jeezy, because from the day they came out you could feel their hunger to make it. They all had an objective to go beyond music, and build a name for themselves as businessmen too. That’s Stax’s goal as well, while taking things to uncharted territories. He respects the legends, and has his sights set on becoming one, but while adding his own spin to it. There’s no doubting that his impact will be felt for many years to come.

Stax will be in high demand at the South by Southwest Music Festival, with 3 shows during the weekend. The Stax Muzik Promo Tour follows in January, and his single, “Ain’t Never” is picking up momentum around the country. Stax’s motto is to simply be the best. Make an impression with whatever it is that you do, and always be authentic and different. He does all those things well, and will continue to let his life and music speak for him.